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Racing extraordinaire Cleetus McFarland covers all things auto on his hugely popular self-titled YouTube channel, where millions of dedicated diesel enthusiasts check in each week to see what he and his dare-devil friends have been up to. And now, thanks to the Cleetus McFarland Driving Experience, you can sample the Freedom Factory for yourself, and see how your times compare to the man himself.

If you’ve watched enough Cleetus videos to have memorized every twist and turn on the iconic asphalt at the Freedom Factory, then this driving experience is for you.

The viral star’s latest offering transports fans from in front of the screen to behind the wheel, and viewers are racing to snap tickets up – with several time slots having sold out already.

Buyers will get the chance to race around the Freedom Factory in the same Crown Vics driven by Cleetus and co, and each purchase entitles you to exclusive video footage of your experience – so you can replay it over and over again, and boast to your friends on social media.

The experience will of course take place at the track in Bradenton, Florida, and if you don’t want to miss out then the date to keep free is Friday, August 25.

As anyone who watches the channel will know, Crown Vic standard cars do not come cheap, thus explaining the $329 price tag attached to the Cleetus Driving Experience.

Attendees are also encouraged to purchase the Vehicle Protection Plan which caps your financial liability for any accidents that may occur on the day at $500, as opposed to the $5000 cap set for those who undergo the experience uninsured.

The experience is taking place on August 25, and the packages are being sold in one-hour time slots between 9am and 4pm. Tickets will be on sale right up until the event, provided they don’t sell out beforehand, though it is best to act quickly, as two time slots have already sold out at the time of writing.

While you will be instructed by professionals and given a thorough lesson on the dos and dont’s beforehand, there is no mention of Cleetus himself in the package description.

While likely it may be that he could be nearby on the day, the fact that he isn’t explicitly mentioned suggests that fans who are buying tickets should do so with the expectancy that he will not be there.

Cleetus has also not been heavily promoting the event on his social media, which could perhaps indicate that he doesn’t wish to get anybody’s hopes up about a possible appearance.

With that being said, you certainly won’t meet him if you don’t buy a ticket, so anyone planning on attending on August 25 will have a better chance than most!

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